Carbon Fibre Cloth

  • $98.90 incl GST

Carbon fibre cloth has superior strength and is extremely light weight. Not as durable as some of the hybrid materials as it tends fracture rather than absorbing some of the energy upon impact like Kevlar does. Commonly used in the aerospace industry and in race car and race boat parts.

Comes in plain weave or twill. Plain weave is more rigid than twill but twill can be more pliable for moulding and shaping. Both give great 3D appearance, the only difference being that twill has a "ribbed" look to it rather than the plain which has even lacing over the length of the cloth.

Purchased in lengths per meter and is 1270mm wide.  Shipped as a roll to maintain quality of the roll (this incurs additional shipping costs).

End of roll is the complete width and the stated length in description unless otherwise stated.

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