Catalyst MEKP

Catalyst MEKP

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Catalyst methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP) is added to Resin, Gelcoat or Flocoat to create a chemical reaction producing heat that cures or hardens the resin.  MEKP is not suitable to be used with West Epoxy Resins.

In an ideal situation catalyst MEKP is added at 2% based on volume.  However, in cooler temperatures or if you want a faster curing time, a higher rate can be added (3%).  In hotter temperatures, a lower rate can be added in order to slow down the curing process (1%).  

For a normal 2% example, if you had 500ml of resin, you would add 10ml of catalyst MEKP.  Check guide below for typical volumes.  The volumes are larger than needed to account for minor spills or faster reaction times etc.


250ml Resin/Flowcoat/Gelcoat - 10ml MEKP 

1L Resin/Flowcoat/Gelcoat - 30ml MEKP

4L Resin/Flowcoat/Gelcoat - 100ml MEKP

20L Resin/Flowcoat/Gelcoat - 500ml MEKP


Large volumes of catalyst (over 100ml) will be required to be sent separate to your main order and may incur extra shipping cost.  

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