Fibreglass Repair Kit (Boat Cloth)

  • $28.00 incl GST

Our 1kg or 250ml Fibreglass repair kit (with Boat Cloth) has everything you need to make a top quality repair.  Can be used for small to large repairs.


  1. Sand the area to be repaired, making sure to sand beyond the repair area a bit so that maximum adhesion is achieved.
  2. Clean the area well, and tape the side that is not being repaired if you dont want resin to leak through.  If the repair needs reinforcing then do so prior to mixing resin.
  3. Prepare the Cloth by cutting down to the correct size.
  4. Mix the desired amount of resin required, eg 250ml of resin will cover 1m2 of Cloth.  You may require multiple thicknesses of Cloth to give strength to your repair.  Mix the resin well by scraping down sides of the pottle to ensure catalyst has mixed in properly.
  5. On a piece of cardboard or other scrap material, lay the Cloth down and thoroughly wet out the Cloth with the mixed resin.
  6. Apply a layer of resin to the sanded repair area and then place the wet Cloth over top.  Push out any air bubbles with chip brush.
  7. Repeat with as many layers of Cloth as required.
  8. Remove the tape before resin has cured and give a light sand before adding finishing coat.

    Each 1kg kit contains:

    • 1L Polyester Resin
    • 30ml Catalyst
    • 2m2 170gsm (6OZ) E-glass Boat Cloth 
    • 2 x 50mm chip brush (size subject to availability)
    • 1m x 70mm 40 grit Sandpaper
    • 2 x 700ml mixing pottles (different to picture shown)
    • 4 pairs of gloves

    Each 0.25kg kit contains:

    • 250ml Polyester Resin
    • 10ml Catalyst
    • 0.5m2 170gsm (6OZ) E-glass Boat Cloth
    • 2 x 25mm chip brush (size subject to availability)
    • 2 x stirring sticks
    • 0.5m x 70mm 40 grit Sandpaper
    • 1 x 700ml mixing pottle (different to picture shown)
    • 2 pairs of gloves

    Kits purchased can be purchased with Acetone that can be used for prepping surfaces and cleaning up.

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