Flocoat Green

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Flocoat is a top coat resin containing wax, fillers and pigment. The wax allows the flocoat to be added as a top coat to existing project surfaces. Commonly used for finishing and repairing polyester and vinylester projects (not suitable with epoxy projects). Flocoat can be applied by a brush or roller and once tacked off (typically after 20min) can be sanded. Flocoat is not compatible with epoxy materials.

Flocoat is available in 1L or 4L and comes in a variety of colours.

Flocoat requires Catalyst MEKP at 2% to enable it to harden (SOLD SEPARATELY)

Catalyst guide (equates to 2% mixture plus extra if needed) :
1L of flocoat can be purchased with 30ml MEKP Catalyst
4L of flocoat can be purchased with 100ml MEKP Catalyst

In stock we have Tekapo Green, Limeade Green and IFS Green.  Contact us if you want a better description of the colours.

Dark green on sale - We over purchased for a job and have no need for it now, our mistake is your gain.  Turn everything dark forest green!

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