Polyester Casting Resin

  • $15.80 incl GST

A high clarity resin used for casting, embedding and top coating where the detail underneath wants to be seen, such as surf boards.  Has a low exothermic curing which means delicate items will not be damaged during curing.  This resin is clear and colourless.

Ideal for crafts, clear coating and for adding pigment to for an accurate colour representation (resin will not affect pigment colour as its colouress).

Polyester casting resin is not compatible with epoxy materials.  It is typically used in moulds.

This resin requires Catalyst MEKP to enable it to harden (SOLD SEPARATELY)

Catalyst guide (equates to 2% mixture plus extra if needed) :

250ml of resin can be purchased with 10ml MEKP Catalyst
1L of resin can be purchased with 30ml MEKP Catalyst
4L of resin can be purchased with 100ml MEKP Catalyst
20L of resin can be purchased with 500ml MEKP Catalyst

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