Epoxy Encapsulating/Moisture Resistant Resin Kit TP33/HP33

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This cured system provides excellent electrical encapsulation and moisture resistant barriers for electrical components and windings.

For small casting, applications e.g. Pattern making. The resin/hardener mix may be extended with mineral fillers i.e. Calcite, silica flour to reduce cost and lower the peak exotherm.
Furthermore, the resin/hardener mix may be thickened with WEST SYTEM 413 Microfibre blend to produce an excellent general-purpose epoxy adhesive.

Typically used for electrical casting, potting applications, electrical windings, Laminating, coating and as an adhesive.

Resin is mixed at a 1:4 ratio by weight.  Once cured, mixture has an amber colour.

Kit includes Resin TP33 and Hardner HP33 that equates to 1.25L or 5L

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